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Announcement: Punjab Student Bike Scheme Balloting List Unveiled by Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz Bike Scheme Balloting Unveiled

Bike Scheme Balloting: Let us tell you about the latest update under the Punjab motorbike scheme. The balloting process for all the applicants who participated in the CM Punjab Bike Scheme has been completed, and the names of the lucky students who applied for the bike scheme have been finalized. Those lucky students who have applied for the bike scheme can get motorbikes in easy installments in the first phase of the bike scheme.

This article has been created to get more information about Punjab Motorcycle Scheme. In this article, we will tell you how to register. The procedure has been explained, and you can also check the names of women and men whose names have appeared in the bike scheme for electric and petrol motorbikes.

Announcement: Punjab Student Bike Scheme Balloting List Unveiled by Maryam Nawaz

CM Punjab E-Bike Balloting Complete

CM Punjab Bike Scheme’s successful student blotting results for petrol motorbikes and electric motorbikes have been released. Let us tell you this blotting Transport Minister Bilal Akbar has said that the process of giving bikes to students in the Punjab Bike Scheme is different. methods will be completed. Let us tell you that 72,640 applications have been received for bikes from the CM Punjab Bike Scheme.

Of these, 57,370 have applied for petrol motorbikes, and 15,970 have applied for electric motorbikes. The Government of Pakistan has started the Punjab Bike Scheme to improve the transportation process of the Punjab Motor Bike Scheme. Under the Punjab bike scheme launched by Prime Minister Maryam Nawaz, motorbikes will be given to 20,000 students.

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E-Bike Scheme Latest Update 

According to the latest news of the Punjab Bike Scheme, the blotting process has been completed and the bikes have been distributed. All those lucky applicants who applied to get bikes from the Punjab Bike Scheme and let you know that the plotting process has been completed. 

The lucky student who participates in the blotting will be given motorbikes at no cost. You can easily get all the necessary information about the CM Punjab Bike Scheme. After that, let us tell you that the motorbike scheme has been started by the Punjab Bike Scheme. In which women have sent more applications than men

Online Registration Process For E-Bike Scheme

The government of Pakistan has started the registration process for the convenience of students, students can easily register themselves. Can be eligible after registration.

  • To register, you have to open the Punjab e-bike portal
  • After opening the portal, students have to enter all the information related to their education.
  • After that, the information of the grunter has to be entered. In the information of the grunter, the identity card and chequebook of the grunter must be entered.
  • After that, you have to select an electric motorbike or a petrol motorbike
  • Students have to enter information about their driving license
  • After that enter the ID card number
  • After entering all the information, you have to submit the registration form along with a Rs.500 challan to a nearby Bank of Punjab.
  • With this your registration process is complete

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E-Bike Installments Plan For E-Bike Scheme

The Government of Pakistan has launched the Punjab Bike Scheme under which motorbikes will be given to deserving and poor students in easy installments. The Punjab government will pay the price of the bike, which you have to pay in five years. Apart from this, you have to submit a 25% down payment. The government of Pakistan has also started the instalment plan.

The government of Pakistan has allocated a price of 150,000 for petrol motorbikes. 25% down payment has to be deposited and the remaining five thousand rupees has to be paid in monthly instalments. 250,000 has been allocated for electric motorbikes. For this also you have to deposit 25 thousand rupees as a down payment and 10 thousand rupees have to be paid in monthly instalments.


A blotting list has been released by the government of Pakistan. Lucky students who had registered for the bike scheme got their names on the list. Those who have applied need not worry because the govt. Pakistan has started the registration process.

So register as soon as possible so that you will be given a bike under the bike scheme in the next step. Also, if you face any kind of problems in registering, you can solve your problems after getting information from our website.

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