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Maryam Nawaz Introduces Updated Installment Schedule For Punjab Bike Scheme

Installment Schedule For Punjab Bike Scheme

Installment Schedule For Punjab Bike: To get a bike from the Punjab Bike Scheme, the government of Pakistan has issued an installment plan under which you will be given a bike. To get a motorcycle, you have to pay monthly installments. The Punjab government has announced that it will give away 20,000 bikes. The registration process of the students applying for the Punjab Bike Scheme has been completed.

The government of Pakistan has set the price of a petrol motorcycle at Rs 150,000. To get a bike, you must submit a 25% down payment and pay a monthly installment of five thousand rupees. Apart from this, the government of Pakistan has fixed the price of electric motorbikes at 250,000 rupees. To get this, you must deposit 25% as a down payment and pay monthly installments of 10 thousand.

Apart from this, if you need any information, the article has provided it. The registration process has been explained. Bikes can be obtained after registration. The government of Pakistan is taking several steps to give bikes to 20 thousand students. Students can get a bike without interest and in easy installments.

Online Registration Procedure For E-Bike Scheme

The government of Pakistan has launched an e-bike portal for registration in the bike scheme. You can register at home. Besides, you don’t need to worry if your registration process still needs to be completed. You can easily get a bike after filling in all the details by going to your college or university and getting the registration form. Apart from this, you have to open the Punjab e-bike portal to register.

You have to enter all the information in it. After entering the information, you must enter all the soft details of Grunter’s checkbook and ID card. Then, you must click on the registration option to complete your registration process. If you are eligible for the bike scheme, you can easily check whether your name is in the released list of bike schemes after downloading the list.

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Maryam Nawaz Introduces Updated Installment Schedule For Punjab Bike Scheme

Advantages Of Punjab Bike Scheme 

Students can get many benefits for getting bikes after registering for Bikes. It is a big step in enabling more bikes to be given to the students. If more electric bikes are included in this program, it will be a commendable process. The program is designed to reduce costs for students so they can have more independence from home.

Let us tell you that electric motorbikes offer an easy commute and contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Thus providing a clean and tidy environment. Furthermore, electric bikes are affordable in the long run. After getting an Electric motorbike, students save money on petrol motorbikes compared to electric bikes. Get your registration done as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of motorbikes.

Who Is Eligible For Punjab Bike Scheme?

Only students who meet the eligibility criteria will be included in the bike scheme after application. Let us tell you that 20,000 people will be included in the bike scheme. The process of giving 20 thousand motorbikes was completed in the first stages. It would be best if you belonged to the province of Punjab to get a bike from the bike scheme. Students should have their national identity card or be formless.

Students studying in a college or university can then apply for the Punjab Bike Scheme. Here are some easy steps to get a bike; after following them, you can get a motorbike. Apart from this, poor and deserving students from low-income families are also included. If you register with this bike scheme, you will continue to get assistance, and you also have to pay the monthly installment after getting the bike, which will be 5000 or 10,000.

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Punjab Bike Scheme

The steps to provide bikes under the Punjab Bike Scheme have been completed. The present Chief Minister, Maryam Nawaz, started the Punjab Bike Scheme. Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has said that in the first phase, students will be given 20,000 electric motorbikes, and students who have completed the registration process will be given bikes from the bike scheme. Once the form verification is complete, you will be added to the bike scheme. So those who have not been given the bike in the first phase this time need not worry.

Because the government of Pakistan will start other steps, you have to complete the registration process. So that they can get the bike in other stages, transport Minister Akbar Ali has said that bikes will be distributed in four different ways so that students can easily obtain them and save on their travel expenses. To get the bike, you must submit the registration form and a Rs. 500 challan to the nearest Punjab Bank.


The purpose of making this article was that you have been told the installment plan to get a bike under the Punjab Bike Scheme. After getting your electric motorbike, you must pay an installment of 10,000 rupees per month. 

You must pay five thousand rupees in monthly installments, and the government of Pakistan will pay the remaining cost over five years. If you face any problems, you can easily get information after visiting our website.


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