Thu. May 30th, 2024
Good News For ID Card Holders 25000 BISP Kafalat Payments

BISP Kafalat Payments

Good news for registrants! ID card holders 25000 BISP Kafalat payments have started as soon as possible. This amount has been started with determination for the betterment of the weaker sections of Pakistan, the families, and the underprivileged people. Those who register this amount will get the amount starting from February 25.

When you go to get money, take your 13-digit ID number with you. ID card must be Pakistani. And those who have not registered, the registration process has started as soon as possible, register through your ID card. Because registration is a very important step to join this program. This keeps you eligible and registered for life.

BISP kafalat Program Check CNIC For registration 2024

Those who have not yet registered their CNIC number for the Kafalat program. So they should re-register their CNIC number as soon as possible. You will be given the aid amount of this program through CNIC number. CNIC number is mandatory for your registration dynamics survey.

 Visit the BISP center established by Pakistan for your number. Re-register your expired CNIC number there. And get your grant money. Remember, you will get the aid amount when you are eligible for this program. That is, it is also important to have a standard of competence.

BISP kafalat Portal 2024

It should be remembered that the eligible people have started receiving money from the Kafalat program. If you want to know the eligibility of your family then use the portal established by BISP. The procedure of using the portal is very easy. To know the eligibility of the family, you have to first open the portal on the official website of the government. All forms of the portal will be displayed to you on the screen. You have to read the portal completely. 

Fill in all the information asked in the form of this portal. That is, you have to enter your CNIC number, your mobile phone number, and the 4-digit image code given in the form and click on the send button. After some time you will be shown the eligibility criteria of your household clearly on the screen. If you qualify, you will be given an aid of 25 thousand rupees from this program.

Good News For ID Card Holders 25000 BISP Kafalat Payments

Kafalat Program Online Registration

So if the people who have not registered in this program. They are waiting for us to register online sitting at their homes. So let me tell you that the Online Government of Pakistan has not started the registration process. So you should go to the BISP center and get your registration done. The advantage of registering at the BISP center will be that you will be able to get information about your registration easily. And you will be fully registered in this program. And information about complete facilities will also be given. Be sure to bring your documents for registration.

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Benazir Kafalat Program Online Check 

The good news has started for those who have completed the registration process. Individuals are requested to check their registration online at home as soon as possible. This will help you whether your registration is complete or not. So let me tell you that if you have to get all the data about your registration. So download the code 8171 on your mobile phone. 

Because you will be able to know the assessment of your facilities and the features of the registration process through 8171. If you do not understand anything. So go to the official website of the government. There you will be given all the detailed information regarding this program. If you are not getting the information there, visit the BISP center.

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How To Check BISP kafalat Program eligibility

Eligibility criteria are required after viewer registration. Because money is given on merit. So check your eligibility criteria as soon as possible. The eligibility check procedure is easy. To check the eligibility first you have to visit the BISP center. All the detailed information about their poverty should be submitted there to the representative of BISP.

After that, you will receive a reply SMS on your mobile phone through the 8171 code. Whether you are eligible for this program or not. If your eligibility criteria are completely correct. So you will start getting the aid money from this program as soon as possible. You will be told the eligibility criteria in full detail in this article.

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Eligibility Criteria Based On Registration

Now you can know your eligibility criteria by knowing the following steps. Eligibility criteria are mentioned below.

  1. Whose monthly income is 25 thousand
  2. Whose poverty score is 25%
  3. Whose bank account has around 55 thousand
  4. Whose house has no electricity
  5. Whose houses are very broken
  6. Whose age is around 20 to 70 years


Deserving and poor families have been included in this program. If you have your national identity card, go to your nearest Benazir office soon and complete the registration so that the Ehsaas program starts as soon as the new episode of BISP starts. Get your payment instantly If you are registered in this program and want to check your status, you can easily check your eligibility using your National ID card by sending your National ID card to 8171.

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