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Good News! Students Of Punjab Get Installment Plan For 20,000 E-Bike Scheme

E-Bike Scheme Installment Plan 

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has started distributing bikes under the Punjab E-Bike Scheme. Bikes will be given to poor and deserving students only. The scheme offers two types of motorbikes: electric and petrol. The electric motorbike, priced at Rs 250,000, is eco-friendly and requires less maintenance. The petrol motorbike, priced at Rs 150,000, is more affordable but has higher operational costs. Bike prices will be allocated.

The price of the E-Motorbike is Rs 250,000.

To get an E-Motorbike, you must pay a down payment of 25,000 and monthly installments of 10,000. The total cost of the bike is Rs 250,000. Failure to pay monthly installments may result in the cancellation of your bike allotment.

The price of a Petrol- Motorbike is Rs 150,000.

To get a petrol motorbike, you must pay a down payment of Rs 25000 and monthly installments of Rs 5 thousand. After that, you can get the bike.

Registration Procedure For Punjab E-Bike Scheme

You can get the bike after registering with the Punjab Motorcycle Scheme. This article explains the procedure so that you can easily do so. The registration procedure is to open the portal for the Punjab e-bike scheme.

  • After opening the portal, you have to create your own account
  • To create an account, you have to register your ID card number, mobile number, email address, and password
  •  After that, you have to log in to the account
  •  After logging into the account, you must enter all your information in the registration form.
  • In the information, you have to enter educational information, monthly income, and your identity card number, etc.
  • After that, you have to enter all the details of the Grunter.
  • After that, you have to enter Grunter’s ID card number and checkbook
  • After entering all the details of the grunter, you have to click on the registration form to get it and submit it to the nearest Bank of Punjab, along with a challan of five hundred rupees.
  • After that, you are given a bike under the Punjab Bike Scheme if you are eligible.

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Good News! Students Of Punjab Get Installment Plan For 20,000 E-Bike Scheme

Distribution & Delivery of Bikes

On behalf of Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, the motorcycle distribution process through the Punjab Bike Scheme will be transparent and fair. Based on which equal opportunities will be provided to male and female students so that both have equal rights. Let us further inform you that the registration process is complete.

And the application submission days are over. If re-registration starts, you will be informed about all the details on our website, after which you will be able to submit the application and complete your registration. Also, if you face any problems, you can easily get information from our website.

CM Punjab Bike Scheme

Present Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz started the Punjab Bike Scheme to help poor and deserving students as soon as she took charge of the province. The scheme’s purpose is to help students who cannot afford their educational and travel expenses.

The Punjab government has announced the distribution of motorcycles. According to this, after getting the bike, they will be able to meet their educational expenses because they will be able to save both time and money. And they will also be able to travel to their university and college easily.

Under this scheme, 20,000 motorcycles will be given in the first neighborhood, of which 19,000 petrol and 1,000 electric motorbikes will be included. These bikes will be provided interest-free and in easy installments to reduce travel expenses and focus on education.

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Who Is Eligible For Punjab Bike Scheme

You have to meet the eligibility criteria to get the Punjab Bike Scheme. Bikes are provided under the Punjab Bike Scheme only to those who meet the eligibility criteria and to deserving people who cannot afford their education expenses.

  • Students above 18 years old are included in the Punjab Bike Scheme and given bikes.
  • Students studying in a college or university are included in the bike scheme.
  • Students must have their driving license
  • The student’s family must have a poverty score of less than 35
  •  Monthly income should be less than 60,000.
  • Grunter must have an identity card and checkbook

How Many Bikes Will Be Distributed

In addition, the Punjab government announced to give 20,000 motorcycles, of which 19,000 petrol motorbikes and 1,000 electorate motorbikes are included. To get a bike, you have to register first. The registration process has already started for those lucky students who registered.

If eligible, they will be given motorbikes. In addition, 50% of women and 50% of men will be given motorbikes in urban areas, while in rural areas, 30% of women and 70% of men will be given motorbikes.

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