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Ehsas Kafaalat Phase 2 Payment Started and will be Given Through Government Cash Centers (New Update)

Ehsas Kafaalat Phase 2

Phase 2 has been initiated for the disbursement of money by the Ehsas Kafaalat programme. Ehsaas Kafalat program is designed to provide financial assistance to the people. Under this program, registered and eligible men and women are given financial assistance every three months. But this time, there has been a change in the process of distribution of financial assistance by the government, and that change is that the money will be distributed in three phases.

The money of those involved in the first phase has been distributed among them, the second phase has now been started. The government has released the list of districts included in the second phase and also released the list of people. People check your money. The way to check money is very simple. To check the amount, send your ID card SMS to 8171 or go to the 8171 portal and enter your ID card to check your amount.

Go to collect your money when the money arrives. Let us know that the money received during phase two will be disbursed only from the cash center issued by the government. If a woman receives money from anywhere other than the government or through any other means, her account will be blocked under 938 error.

This article is to inform you that phase two has been initiated and the funds will be disbursed only through cash centers set up by the government.

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Government Cash Centers: The New Payment Distribution Points

The Government of Pakistan has received many complaints that retailers and shop owners take a cut while receiving money from people. That is why the government has now closed down the retailers altogether and started its own cash centres across Pakistan. So that people are given their money in full and no one’s rights are violated.

For this reason, the government has started cash centers across Pakistan and has asked people to go only to cash centers issued by the government. Around 1438 cash centers have been set up across Pakistan, and you can visit them to withdraw your money.

Ehsas Kafaalat Phase 2 Payment Started and will be Given Through Government Cash Centers (New Update)

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How to Receive Your Ehsas Kafaalat Payment

Now tell you how you can get Ehsaas Kafalat amount through cash centers. First of all, you have to check your money, if your money has gone, then visit the cash centre. Otherwise, you will face problems and return empty-handed. After checking the amount, take your ID card and go to the nearest cash centre. There you have to wait for your turn; when your turn comes, the representative will take your ID card from you. After that, he will do your biometric verification.

He will give you the amount available in your account after biometric verification. Along with this, you will be given a receipt which will tell you how much money you have received. How much money has been received from Benazir Kafalat and how much money has been received from Benazir Taleemi Wazaif. You have to get the full amount and you have to get the receipt also in case of any deduction you have to register the complaint.

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Eligibility Criteria for Phase 2 Payments

Eligibility criteria have been established for the Ehsas Kafaalat Phase 2 Payment for receiving the June payment. Women who meet these criteria will be registered and provided with financial assistance. Therefore, all women who have recently completed their surveys should check their eligibility. If they are eligible, they should collect their payments. The eligibility criteria introduced by the government are as follows:

  • Under this program, all women with a poverty score of less than 32 are eligible.
  • A PMT score of 35 is allocated to widows.
  • All women with PMT scores above 35 are ineligible.
  • Families with a monthly income of less than 20,000 rupees are also eligible.
  • Unemployed and disabled persons can also be registered under this program.

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