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Ehsaas Punjab Rashan Program: Get the News About 8123 Check 2024

Ehsaas Punjab Rashan Program is a government scheme. You can join this program and get a monthly ration from the Government of Pakistan. Through this program, monthly ration of two thousand rupees is given to poor and deserving families. So that those people who cannot meet their basic needs can run their houses by getting financial assistance in this rising inflation. 

If you live in Pakistan and are struggling with poverty, you should join the ration program, which helps you in the ration. Welcome to the Ehsaas Punjab Ration Program. Now, you can get a discount on rations from the Pakistani government by joining the ration program, including ghee, sugar, pulses, rice, and other products.

Ehsaas Punjab Rashan Program 

Which households are eligible for the Ehsaas Punjab Ration Program? Is your name also in the ration program? If you want to see, then send your CNIC number without a dash to 8123. You will be notified of your eligibility shortly. The Government of Punjab funds this program.

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The Punjab government provides ration to all deserving people through this program, and the Punjab Social Protection Authority manages this initiative. Families must meet the criteria listed below to be eligible for the program. Individuals whose monthly income is less than 25 thousand rupees can get a discount on their monthly ration.  The head of your household must have a CNIC card if you want to join the up-ration program.

Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration

One member of your family should be registered with the Ehsaas program. Your family income should be below the poverty line. Once you are eligible for this program, you can enroll online or through your nearest Ehsaas Center.

Remember that once you register for the ration program, you get a Rs 2000 discount on rations every month. The Ehsaas Punjab Ration Program has been a lifeline for many low-income families in Punjab. The program helps these families improve their food security and well-being.

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8123 sms

If you want to join the ration program. You can check your status in this program through 8123 and CNIC if you want to get a discount on rations every month from the government of Pakistan. 

So you have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to go to the message box of your mobile
  • You have to write a new message. Inside this message, you have to write your CNIC number
  • And then you have to send this message to 8123 crores
  • And then you have to wait for a while
  • After verification, a confirmation message will be received on your mobile number through 8123

Ehsaas Rashan 2024 New Update 

As per the new update of the Ehsaas Ration Program, registration has resumed in 2024. Households that were not included in this program can again go to the e-service center established in their tehsil to complete their survey. As soon as ration starts getting through this program, your name will come first. 

Ehsaas Punjab Rashan Program: Get the Latest Updates with a Quick 8123 Check

Register yourself and check your family’s eligibility so that you can get a discount on rations. Individuals already registered in this program can visit their nearest utility store and get up to a 30% discount on the monthly ration.

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Latest Update Ehsaas Rashan Program 8123

Good news for poor people: The Pakistani government has decided to restart 8123 Ehsaas Ration. So that all poor and deserving households can be identified and included in the registration. If you want a monthly allowance, you can get yourself eligible by sending your CNIC number to 8123 and 5566. Apart from this, Benazirs can also get monthly stipends from the Income Support Program. To get a ration, you have to go to an e-service center and register.

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