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BISP SMS Code 8171 Registration and Eligibility Check Method


Benazir Income Support Program has created a new SMS code for registration. BISP SMS Code 8171 is designed to check registration and eligibility. You can check your registration and eligibility at home through this. BISP has started receiving new batches, and registration has also started.

Here, we will tell you how to get an 8171 SMS registration and how to check your eligibility. Blocked account holders have been asked to re-register, and those who have re-registered should check their eligibility. If eligible, visit your nearest cash center to get the money.

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8171 Registration

BISP registration has started and is being conducted through an NSER survey. In the NSER survey, all the people were asked to update their data, and those who are already receiving money should also register their data now.

This is being done because the government feels that earlier, many people were in need. But now their financial conditions have improved, and they are still being given assistance, while those who are really deserving are not being assisted.

For this reason, the survey is being started to find the real beneficiary and provide financial assistance to him If you are also eligible, visit your nearest BISP office and ensure your 8171 registration. During this registration, you will be asked many questions, and based on these questions, you will be qualified or disqualified.

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BISP 817 Ehsaas Eligibility

You can also check your eligibility using the BISPS code. The procedure is also easy: Just follow a few steps, and you will know your eligibility immediately. You have to submit your ID card, 8171. You must complete this message with your personal SIM, registered on your identity card, so your information can be correctly assessed.

If you do not send an SMS from your mobile number, you will not get any reply If you send your ID card without dashes through your SIM, you will immediately receive this eligibility message.


This article explains eligibility and registration through BISP, including the SMS code and its method. It also explains how you can confirm your registration with us and check your eligibility. Note that all the information is correct, and it was practically taken from BISP representatives so that our Visitors do not face any problems.

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