Wed. May 29th, 2024
8500 BISP Humqadam Program Registration Through New Code

BISP Humqadam Program

BISP Humqadam Program Registration has been started. We have started the BISP program registration and have also made a code available to check its eligibility, which can check up by 8171 if you are eligible in

So you will be given thousands of rupees by the Government of Pakistan so that they can meet their needs and stay away from the servants and avoid getting surgery and suffering from various diseases. Someone else can help them, and for physical help, the government has now started a BISP humqadam program for them.

BISP Humqadam Program Registration New Update 2024

The Government of Pakistan has made the registration procedure for the Hum Qadam program even easier. Only special people will be registered in the Benazir Income Support Program on weekdays because the rush is very heavy on normal days, and special people face problems. Therefore, the Benazir Income Support Program staff is busy registering special people. The day of the week has been fixed for this purpose. Special Persons and Senior Citizens above 60 years of age and members of the Khajasra community visit the Benazir office on weekdays for their registration.

What Is the Humqadam Program 

The humqadam program was previously brought with the help of an ehsaas program, but now it has been named the BISP Humqadam program, through which the present provides financial support to these people. 

To do so, if you have not yet completed the humqadam program registration, then you will see the Income Support Program and then go to complete the registration. This program is only for the disabled and trans genders.

First, because those who do nothing for themselves cannot meet their needs and keep up with their desires, the second bird starts when they give them something. Because of this, the government made a humqadam program for them and started giving them up to Rs 2000.

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Hum Qadam Program Registration 

If you have not yet completed your registration in the Humqadam program, then make your registration soon. You can get your session from the income support program office. I can register on my own. People with disabilities are very tightly caused by rush, and they face many difficulties, so the government has set a week for them to think about them.

They can complete their registration on that day so that they do not have any problems and can register their registration easily. It has been added, and only those involved should be the male standard for more than 18 years.

Hamqadam Program  Registration

8500 BISP Humqadam Program Registration Through New Code

We have announced that in the step program 2024, the government has announced that it has now set a date in which the elderly has been set a day for disabled apology and transgenders in which it registers. The government aims to start such a program for the good of the people.

If they do not have to be burdened with anyone else and do not put their wishes on anyone else to fulfill their wishes, the government has started a hum qadam program in which you have a week for your registration. The days can be done.

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Hamqadam Program New Updates 2024

The government has made an important announcement regarding the program. The government made a little change in the program in January 2024. We can now register you for the Hamqadam Program from the Program Office on Benazir Income Support.

For your registration, you have been told a day on which you can make your registration. If you are interested in registering, you can register on Saturday. Are the transistors disabled, etc.?

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Make your record from Nadra
  • I also registered it from Nadra.
  • Your Poverty score is less than 35 %
  • You do not do any other government job in the family
  • Your name doesn’t land on more than two acres

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