Thu. May 30th, 2024
BISP Introduce 8171 New Portal to Check Eligibility for 2024

All eligible persons should check their eligibility now for new payments. 8171 new portal launched to check online registration at home in the BISP Kafalat Program. You can check your eligibility online at home using your mobile or computer through this portal. And can also check the financial assistance amount of your family.

Now it also informs the portal about your registration status whether you have been surveyed or not. You can check your family’s eligibility by entering the National Identity Card Number and Photo Code Number in this portal. If any person is not eligible then he can get his verification done through this BISP portal and get his survey done by NADRA. 

Note that the quarterly instalment of January 2024 has been started by the BISP Kafalat Program. Remember that if you have received this amount, ignore the message you received from 8117. If you haven’t received this amount yet, don’t wait for a message to check your amount. Go to its portal immediately and check your Kafalat amount. If your money has been credited to your account, you should immediately go to the payment centres established in your nearest Tehsil to collect it.

BISP Online Registration 2024

If your household is not receiving financial assistance from the Ehsaas program or BISP Kafalat program. Then you must register your family immediately by going to the BISP office. The Pakistani government has announced the enrollment of all new families in the BISP programme. 

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BISP NSER Registration Online New Update 

If you are still not aware of the new update of the BISP program, then let me tell you that the government of Pakistan has started a new survey. All new families and ineligible people are being included in this survey. You can also apply online to this program. To apply online you must visit the Ehsaas program’s official website.

You have to click on the online form button to get a form in which you must enter all your information. After that, you have to pre-download this form and submit it in the office. Up-directs can also go to Benazir’s office and get financial assistance by getting their survey done.

How To Check Eligibility Through the BISP 8171 portal

If you want to know if your household is eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program, follow the procedure. Immediately check your family status in the program. And check your name in the Ehsaas program and BSP Kafalat program list. 

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Just text your National Identity Card number to 8171. It’s a free service. You don’t have to make any payment for this. First of all, you have to visit the 8171 BISP portal which is given to you at the beginning of this article. In this, you have to check your survey 

How to Online Apply for the BISP Kafalat Program 

if you want to know whether you can get money from this financial aid program. So use this portal to start checking your life. In the given portal, dial the ID card number and the code number given in the image and press the Know button. You will soon receive a confirmation message about your registration and your status. If you are eligible for this program then follow the instructions issued by the program register yourself and get the money.

BISP Introduce 8171 New Portal to Check Eligibility for 2024

Benazir Program Registration Procedure is as follows:

  • First of all, take your national identity card and go to the office of Benazir in your tehsil
  • And will go to the registration disk and submit their National Identity Card and other documents
  • After that, you will be called to the survey room
  • You will be given a form to complete and submit to the office.
  • After that, your thumb will be affixed to the certificate
  • As soon as your reason is complete you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number within the next 24 hours.

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Required documents for New Registration 

  • Your original and updated (CNIC) National Identity Card
  • Children’s Nadra Bay Form
  • Monthly ration list of your family
  • Complete list of your family members
  • Electricity, gas, and ration bills of your household

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